Paramore More More (Do Me In The Butt)

Where: Slim’s
When: September 2, 2006
Who: Paramore, Cute Is What We Aim For, Hit the Lights, and This Providence.

The concert was amazing! I never heard This Providence’s work until tonight and I enjoyed it. I’ll pick up their album when it comes out. Hit the Lights was fucking awesome. I love their lyrics and strong bass lines and driving melodies. They were the only ones brave enough to stage dive. I love it when bands stage dive. Good thing there were some strong people up front unlike the AAR concert where Mike did a dive and no one caught him Tyson had to be supported by the security guys because the scrawny teenage girls were too busy trying to rip off his shirt. I’m going to be honest and say that I didn’t care for Cute Is What We Aim For. They were alright and some of their songs had a catchy melody but nothing really caught my attention.

Paramore, on the other hand, rocked. And rocked hard. Hayley needs to marry me. Anyway, I liked how Hayley knew how to work the crowd and got everyone to dance, jump, and sing together. That’s what I enjoy about rock concerts. Everyone forgets about “What if I look silly?” or “What if I crack when I sing?” Everyone just rocks the fuck out. I think I rocked a little too hard because the guys behind me gave me a lot of space. I’m pretty sure I didn’t smell because I was wearing deodorant…

One thing I don’t like about rock concerts, or maybe just this one, is how people are just plain rude. I got cut in the merch line and shoved around by a whole bunch of people. Ally and Kitty were treated even worse because they are smaller than me. People need to say “pardon” and not shove people into other people.

Overall, I really enjoyed the concert and it was especially fun to rock out with my best friends. The best part, of course, was Hayley. She can make my heart melt with a single grin. OK enough of freaking you out. Let’s get some pictures up in hurr.

Kitty with Dan Young of This Providence.

Ally with Dan.

Hit the fuckin’ Lights!!!

In between bands.

Me looking like a tool, as usual. Check out the dude behind us lol.

Cute Is What We Aim For.

Touch me. Repeatedly.

I have a whole bunch of video clips from the concert that I shall upload tomorrow. I need to get some sleep before I pass out so later, dudes.


Here are some shitty videos I managed to take.

Cute Is What We Aim For performing “Newport Living.”

Cute Is What We Aim For performing “The Fourth Drink Instinct.”

Hayley makes her entrance.

Paramore kicks off the concert with the new single, “Emergency.”

Paramore performing “Franklin.” I fucking love this song.

Paramore performing “My Heart” for a finale. They stepped off stage but they came back to rock this song. This is possibly my favorite song in the album because it is so powerful and moving.

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