Photos from Blackhawk Cars and Coffee, June 2015

Last week I finally got a chance to attend Blackhawk Cars and Coffee in Danville, California. I knew it was going to be a big gathering of car enthusiast but I was blown away by the sheer size and variety of cars. Anne and I met up with a few of the guys from the NorCal86 Drive club and we arrived at the event in style. We parked and started to take in all of the beautiful cars that were there.

The Blackhawk Cars & Coffee takes place the first Sunday of every month. It takes place in the parking lot of a beautiful shopping mall and the Blackhawk Automotive Museum is right there for you to visit afterward. The official hours for the event are from 8:00AM to 10AM but people show up well before then and linger after. If you want a good place to park, I recommend showing up before 7 o’clock.

Anyway, enjoy some of the photos I took at the event.

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