Power Point is Bad for Learning

My suspicions have been confirmed. Power Points are in fact bad for learning. So why do our professors persist to use it? One theory I have is because Power Points are easy ways to avoid actually teaching anything invigorating and new that will challenge and excite the minds of its audience. All people do is reiterate facts that are already on the Power Point presentation. It also divides your attention among two different subjects: the speaker and the Power Point. This is why I often find myself not listening to what my professor is saying at all and just copying down what is on the screen. This probably led to the degradation of my grade (to a lowly B) in my Human Environments class.

So the moral of the story is that teachers need to find a better way to teach so that their students are genuinely interested and intrigued by the subject. That is the only way students will learn not only about the subject at hand but also to make connections in their minds that apply their knowledge in society.

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