Rest in peace, Steve

Steve Jobs and Steve WozniakPhoto credit: Ballistik Coffee Boy via Flickr

Love or hate Apple, Steve Jobs was Apple. His influence permeated every product he got his hands on. He and Steve Wozniak introduced the world to the first personal computer that people actually wanted in their homes. The two Steves have shaped the world we know.

Even though Wozniak left Apple, Jobs never stopped loving his company, even after being ousted. He returned as an interim CEO of Apple and turned the company around for the better. He introduced us to the iPhone and the iPad; two devices that have completely redefined the phone and tablet markets.

Steve Jobs has gotten a lot of flack because of his abrasive personality and his obsessive search for perfection in the products Apple produced.  He was tough on his employees and blunt with his words. These traits are part of Job’s personality that made Apple successful. There can be nothing but perfection. His passion and devotion can be seen in every product he worked on.

The news of Job’s death shook me. From the moment I received the AP notification on my iPhone of the news of his death, I knew that we had lost one of the greatest minds in my lifetime. He was a visionary that touched each one of our lives. He will be missed. He will not be forgotten.

Rest in peace, Steve.


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