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Review: LEGO Technic 42011 ‘Race Car’


To celebrate the opening weekend of The LEGO Movie, I am reviewing a LEGO set I recently picked up. Everyone’s familiar with the more traditional mini-figure and block LEGO sets but the LEGO Technic line of models provides a different, more active experience. What I mean by active is that this model moves!

LEGO Technic 42011 pull-back motor

The LEGO Technic 42011 “Race Car” features a pull-back motor like you’d find in toys like Penny Racers. Pull the car back and the race car shoots forward. The motor isn’t that powerful but is enough to propel the car well over 30 feet on a smooth surface. LEGO has even included a small booklet about how kids can set up ramps and obstacles to jump over using binders, notebooks, and paper.

LEGO Technic 42011 build process

The build is recommended for ages 7-14 so it’s a set for more advanced kids (or adult-children like me).  It will take approximately 30 -40 minutes to construct if you take your time. Be careful to read the instructions carefully as miscalculating where a peg goes can result in some disassembly at the end of the build. I managed to place a peg for the front axle one hole too far back and had to reconstruct the entire front end because the wheels wouldn’t fit otherwise.

LEGO Technic 42011 cockpit

While the 42011 Race Car kit doesn’t feature much rebuildability by itself, it is possible to combine it with kit 42010 to create a Top Fuel drag racer. The ability to mix and combine sets is what what makes the Technic line of LEGOs so unique and fun. Instructions for building the drag racer can be found on the LEGO Technic website (PDF download).

LEGO Technic 42011

Overall, this $20 LEGO set is very fun to build and to play with. Although the car isn’t a model of any car that exists or existed, it is definitely inspired by the Formula 1 cars of the early 1970s. Little details like the six carburetors shooting up outside the “engine block,” the racing livery, dual exit exhausts, and its huge rear wing make it feel look and feel like a race car that could have existed.

Highly recommended.

LEGO Technic 42011 race car close up

Final Scores

Difficulty: 6

Detail: 8

Rebuildability: 6

Fun: 8


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