Shocktoberfest 2006

Yesterday was “Shocktoberfest” for UCI which is basically a bunch of activities planned for students during the night. There was a dance, a haunted house, a myriad of booths that included fortune telling, and a concert. The only thing that I cared about that night was the concert. I heard some really famous local band was going to play. Some band called…uhh…PHANTOM PLANET!!! I love there music! Especially their album, The Guest.


My friends and I almost died when they played because some dumbass guys decided to mosh. Their music isn’t even the type of stuff to mosh to. Shit, I could smell the alcohol on everyone’s breath. We got bumped and pushed a few times but we all escaped with relatively uninjured. It was freezing and we were pretty miserable until Phantom Planet started to rock our worlds. They even played the theme from The Phantom of the Opera for a finale!!! Pure genius! “In sleep he sang to me. In dreams he waits. That voice that calls to me. That speaks my name…” OK I’ll shut up now.

Cold and miserable.

Tonight, I went to the school symphony event. I miss attending school events as we often did at SOTA and it was refreshing to listen to some good classical music for a change. They played the Butterfly Lovers which I absolutely love and also Suite No.2 from Romeo and Juliet. It makes me miss my friends and high school very much.

Some weird girl decided to take a picture with me.

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