Another picture blog! A day out with my favorite ladies.

Oh you don’t wanna be messin’ wid us when we roll down the block.

Oh, it’s love. (Notice the kid in the background wondering what’s going on.)

It looks as if Kitty is sucking out my brains with her hands. I look like a fucking tool.

Sunny-ish weather in SF? How rare.

Seagulls are the bane of my existence. This one looked especially like a bitch.

There’s always people out on the OB no matter how cold. There were some hardcore ass kids playing in the ocean. They must be mad.

Ally found a really cool sand dollar shell. It had half its shell exposed so you could see the structures of the bone on the inside. Fascinating.

Ocean Beach is hella grimy. Don’t walk bare foot here. Who knows if there are needles in the sand.

I do my best thinking staring off towards where sea meets sky. Beautiful.


I am really enjoying this picture of Allyson. I was serious about the caption above.

Look what crawled out of the ocean.

This is as normal as she’ll photograph.

See what I mean? I still love her though. I don’t judge…much.

We can be normal occasionally.

Windy beaches.

My hair is all over the place. Don’t judge me.

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