Record review: ODESZA – ‘In Return’

ODEZA In return album art

I rarely find an album where each song stands on its own. ODESZA's sophomore album, In Return, had me addicted from the start and kept me addicted through every track on the record. I was first hooked on their single, "Memories That Call You (feat. Monsoonsiren)," which I thought was phenomenal. I worried that the couple… Continue reading Record review: ODESZA – ‘In Return’

Music Spotlight: Edo Lee

edo lee visions album cover

A friend of mine shared Edo Lee's "Black Coffee" on Soundcloud and I was instantly hooked (thanks, Rachel!). Lee's style has everything I love: laidback beats, smokey jazz melodies, and The Big Lebowski. Edo Lee, born Adrian Lee Hayman, hails from New York City and is a mere 21 years old. In an interview with ThrdCoast, Lee… Continue reading Music Spotlight: Edo Lee

Music Spotlight: Priscilla Ahn

Prscilla Ahn @ Yoshi's SF 5-15-2014

Last week I got a chance to see Priscilla Ahn perform at Yoshi's San Francisco. The audience and I were lucky since it was her last performance on her tour. There were no opening acts so we were treated to a full two hour set consisting of her old and new songs. If you're not familiar… Continue reading Music Spotlight: Priscilla Ahn

OK Go pairs up with Chevy and plays “Needing/Getting” with a Chevy Sonic

OK Go has paired up with Chevy to make this fun music video for their song, "Needing/Getting." The four band members start out in a Chevy Sonic, using the car to start the beat. Then things get crazy as they careen through a perfectly laid out track with instruments lining the way to make the… Continue reading OK Go pairs up with Chevy and plays “Needing/Getting” with a Chevy Sonic

Republish: The Music Of His Life

*This is another article I wrote for my journalism class that I never had the chance to publish.  I really enjoyed interviewing Professor Joseph Huszti because he reminded of how much I loved music and playing the piano.  He is one of the most charismatic people that I have had the pleasure of interviewing.  Originally… Continue reading Republish: The Music Of His Life

Spinning Like A Broken Record: Jammie Thomas-Rasset fined $1.5 Million

It seems like such a long time ago that I was studying Jammie Thomas' case for my article on digital piracy.  It seems that she lost her retrial and has been fined $1.5 million for sharing 1,700 songs.  Before her retrial, the RIAA wanted to settle with her for $222,222.  She refused. I do not… Continue reading Spinning Like A Broken Record: Jammie Thomas-Rasset fined $1.5 Million