Th3 Ghetto

Today about a third of my hall went out for dinner to this Japanese mall. I was really excited because I could finally have REAL food. REAL FOOD!! We got there and I ordered chicken katsu with curry.




It was like an orgasm in my mouth. FINALLY rice that didn’t taste like it came out of the backside of a horse. The curry was a little salty but the rice did a good job of displacing the sodium. It also came with a salad which will help me avoid constipation. It even came with a bit of hard boiled egg and a small soda. All of this for a tick under 8 dollars. Pretty good, I’d have to say. I was so overwhelmed with happiness that I ended up crying into my katsu. OK I’m kidding but I was pretty damn happy.

After dinner we had a hall basketball tournament. It was full of shoves, testosterone, and hilarious moments. In the end, we won. 40 to 31, bitches! GO LORIEN!

Now I am currently drinking tea from a bowl. Oh, and I microwaved the water. I am th3 ghetto. This is what college is all about.


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  1. i should NOT be on your blog reading about your ramblings. i always get a crack outta these because i know what you sound like when you talk about things like this.

    our first year of college did seem somewhat miserable, huh? man, we’ve come a long way.

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