Thank you, RIAA

I was supposed to write a dramatic monologue about anything and I was so pissed off at hearing that the RIAA is threatening to cut university funding if universities do not ban P2P networks all together. When will the RIAA get that P2P sites are not solely for pirating music and movies. There are legitimate uses for BitTorrent and other P2P programs and protocols such as downloading a Linux distribution, as I often do. Comcast is already throttling high bandwidth users and now you’re threatening to cut funding for my education? Un-freakin-believable.

So to my Dear RIAA….

Hell hath no fury like an artist scorned!
For every pitiful dollar lost, they mourned,
And seek retribution in the courts
Against their own fans in cohorts.

With my university’s funding threatened,
I find myself questioned
About the rights of the consumer
If the future of DRM free music would come sooner.

Sue the fans
Sue the sites
Sue the nine to five mothers.
Sue everyone and then one another
Until your greed is satisfied
And your pockets lined
With blood and money of the innocent
Standing idly by, silent
With no music left in the world.

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