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The OnePlus 3 has been on the market for a couple of months now, but finding a good case is still a chore. In order to protect my phone, I settled with getting a generic clear TPU case for the OnePlus 3 off of Amazon. The company name, Love Ying, should have been a red flag.

When it arrived, I was disappointed by the quality, as the ports and holes didn’t line up. It worked fine for the most part but being a perfectionist, the misaligned ports bugged me. As you can see, the case cut outs for the rear microphone and camera are shifted just a bit too far to the right.

OnePlus 3 clear case misaligned
Generic TPU case from Love Ying

Then Ringke came out with their Fusion Crystal Clear TPU case for the OnePlus 3. I’ve had experience with Ringke before, having purchased a few hard cases from them for my Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, and was impressed with their quality. I ordered the case and put together this quick comparison. Ringke clear TPU case for the OnePlus 3 vs a generic clear TPU case. Here’s how they stack up.

OnePlus 3 Ringke serial number

I was immediately impressed with the quality of the Ringke case, as it had a serial number etched into the top left of the case. This may bother some people but it’s so faint that I don’t see the issue. Having a serial number on the case means Ringke is able to track defects and address them quickly, which I appreciate.

OnePlus 3 Ringke case

The fitment of the phone is perfect and all of the ports line up dead center. There’s also less slack around the headphone jack cut out. The generic case looks melted compared to the Ringke since it’s not precision cut around the microphone port.

OnePlus 3 case side by side

The Ringke TPU case also features “feet” on the rear so the phone stays flat on a table. This is great if you hate having your phone wobble around when you’re tapping on it on a flat surface. The raised feet also means the rear of the case won’t be as easy to scratch.

Ringke OnePlus 3 clear case feet

Another nice touch is a little hook for charms, if you’re into that sort of thing. Just another little touch that sets the Ringke apart from the competition. Ringke OnePlus 3 charms hook

Overall, I’m very happy with the Ringke Fusion Crystal Clear TPU case for the OnePlus 3. I like the slightly grippy texture of a TPU compared to a clear hard case, and the Ringke’s precision cuts make it feel like a premium product. “Premium” is relative, as the case goes for just $11 on Amazon at the time of this writing. If you want a clear case to show off your skin like mine, the Ringke Fusion is an excellent choice.

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2 thoughts on “The best OnePlus 3 clear case”

  1. How has the Ringke case held up over time? Has it yellowed much or at all? I just purchased a OnePlus 3T and I am going through the same chore of finding a decent case. Great post.

    1. Unfortunately the TPU bumper has yellowed quite a bit. Any TPU case will exhibit this over time and UV exposure will quicken the yellowing. No case is perfect, but I do like the Ringke quite a lot. The polycarbonate back is still clear!

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