The Invasion Has Begun…

I spent the better half of the day battling a brood of ants that was making its way into my room through the phone outlet. The way I found out that there were ants invading my room was because a few of them made it to my leg and started biting. With much alarm, I looked down and saw a trail of ants on the carpet, scouting. I took immediate action and destroyed them all. I destroyed them good…. Anyway, they kept pouring out of the phone outlet and I continued to exterminate them as they came. The phrase, “You shall not pass!” comes to mind. My dad found a little ant spray left in the garage and helped me create a perimeter yet a few stragglers made it through. At the end of the afternoon, my room was a warzone. My desk was askew, my CD tower a mess, my books scattered on the floor, and I managed to give myself a few rug burns from being on my elbows and knees for a couple of hours.

I just hopped into the shower to discover another trail of ants making their way through the window’s drain system. There were too many to kill by index finger so I took the shower head and created a torrent to flood them out yet they continued to come through. I’m too tired to fight on but tomorrow, it’s WAR.

Oh it’s on now….

Where’s my Raid?

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