The Thing About Macs

One thing I’ve noticed after owning a Mac for several months is that Apple has a tendency to produce great products that capture the imaginations of people around the globe BUT they always leave people wanting more. One example is the iPhone. People are still pining for the little device, a year after its announcement bit it still has a very, very long way to go be for it becomes perfect. It still needs 3G, copy and paste and a more powerful web browser. Apple throws in little features that make you think, “That’s a great little feature” but some times they overlook a feature that drive their customers CRAZY. I never felt that Microsoft was this type of company that actually cared what their customers want or listened to their dissent. One example is the situation of licensing of Office 2008 for Mac. I’ve had dozens of professors come into the store and ask if they could purchase licences for their department and I have to give them the douhebag response, “I don’t know when the licenses are going to come in.” When my manager talked to Microsoft about our situation, their respnse was, “Office 2004 is still selling well.”

Doesn’t Microsoft understand that consumers don’t want to plop down the same amount of money for outdated software? That, to me, speaks lot about the type of people that are running the company. I’m going to be brave and say that Microsoft is starting to lose the consumer market to Apple. Microsoft HAS to change and change fast or they will fall into oblivion and become the next IBM.

This is a plea. A plea to Microsoft to please start listening to customers instead of being robotic business men. I know their policies make them millions of dollars but they underestimate the power of consumer dissent. It is now cool to hate Microsoft and to hate Vista even if that hate is irrational.

This blog is brought to you by my iPod Touch. Typing on the virtual keyboard is possible.

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