The War Is Over

Unfortunately I’m not talking about the Iraq War. Instead, I am talking about the war between high definition formats. HD DVD has lost and Blu-ray has won. Things started looking bad a few months back when Warner dropped HD DVD and now both Wal-Mart and Netflix has declared they would be dropping HD DVD in favor for Blu-ray. Toshiba is expected to announce its defeat officially within the next few days.

As sad it is to see Toshiba fail, I am relieved that there is finally one format that people can start adopting. Something doesn’t seem right to me though… Why would Wal-Mart and Netflix chose to support Blu-ray over HD DVD? They would have profited either way by selling either format so why pick Blu-ray? Did they think that Blu-ray was the “superior” format? I think not. I think Sony gave Netflix and Wal-Mart “incentives” *coughbribescough* to choose Blu-ray. I am neither happy or upset with how the high definition format war turned out. I am still not going to buy a Blu-ray player and invest in Blu-ray movies because I still do not own an HDTV. HDTVs and high definition in general is still in its early adopter phase and there needs to be a substantial amount of time before there are enough adopters to really settle high definition as a standard.

As for now, I’m going to continue sitting on the sidelines.

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