There’s Nothing…

There’s nothing like seeing familiar faces. Feeling the sense of security and amazement that after the grinding and squeeze of time, your friendship stands defiant, ready for more. The love of two friends, two hearts stopped in time. Or perhaps, out of time, an entity on it’s own, devoid of all restrictions and contradictions. A night of minds and hearts mutually warmed, I drive down the rarely deserted boulevard named Geary. It is 2 in the morning and I am greeted with a straight road and all greens: Thundercats are go! I try to figure out the exact speed to hit all greens. To no avail. Nothing matters. I wait patiently at a red, grinning with love to the tachometer who replies with a joyful jump. Floating down the highway, led by the stars in the sky and the stars glued to the road, I find myself looking at a peculiar sight. The moon was gone. In its place, a slice of lemon, hovering low amongst the trees, dancing happily to the acid rock playing through my stereo. He joins me on my pilgrimage home. Headlights bobbing, mystery at every corner, the darkness playful. I just want to drive, towards a simpler, happier time.

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