Toyota #1 Car Company in America? WHAT A JOKE!

So about a month ago, my dad was washing our ’04 Tacoma when he noticed what looked like dirt build up on the bumper. He went to wipe it away and all of a sudden, all the paint in the area started flaking off. What the fuck? We call up the dealer and tell them what happened and of course, they did not want to take responsibility for it. How opportune is it that this happened right after the 3 year/36,000 mile warranty past? It is reminiscent of the iPod warranty where iPods died suspiciously after a year. So I took the truck to another dealer and asked them for their take. I showed up and they told me to wait.

And wait…

And wait…

After an hour and 20 minutes, they finally call for me to show them the car. They examined the bumper and, of course, did not take responsibility for it. They told me to check with the original dealer (which I already had) about the service history on the truck to see if they had resprayed the bumper prior to selling it to us. So all in all, I wasted my lunch time, I wasted my gas, and I wasted my breath. Now we are left here to pay for the damages ourselves. There goes another couple hundred down the drain.

HOW IN HELL is Toyota the #1 car maker in the United States with such lack of disregard for their loyal customers. I used to praise how Toyotas were rugged and built to last forever. Not any more. Toyotas are utter CRAP, and I can say this with experience. Toyota can NOT hold a candle to the quality control and customer satisfaction of Honda, whom I think should be the #1 car company in America because I can feel the amount of time and engineering that they spent in R&D for Honda cars. Toyotas are just rough, uncomfortable, and have appalling service.

For your own good, stay away from Toyota.

UPDATE: So I did a little digging and I found out that a lot of 2004 Tacoma owners have had the same thing happen to their trucks. It seems then, that there is a flaw in the bumper painting process at the Toyota factory. They assured me that the dealer was responsible for this but that sounded fishy to me. This is RIDICULOUS. How is it good business practice to avoid rectifying this situtation? It will only cost your company about a hundred dollars to fix my bumper, which is a miniscule amount to keep a loyal customer.


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