True Merit

So yesterday was the scholarship ceremony for the Hoy Sun Benevolent Association. Hoy Sun is the county that my mom grew up in. It was held at the Four Seas restaurant in Chinatown and there were a substantial amount of people. I was a dick and showed up late because of traffic on the bridge but I didn’t miss anything. J Wong was there too along with a lot of familiar faces from middle school.
 Here’s Jason.
 I like how the word “scholarship is spread out so much on the banner. Read it normally and then stretch out s-c-h-o-larship.
 I thought this scholarship was a bunch of bullshit because, as the MC said at the beginning, “Everyone who applied got it. No one was turned away.” Way to make me feel better about myself. Since there were so many recipients, the winnings were skimpy but I’m not complaining because it’s better than nothing and I’m thankful to their association. It was also a bunch of bullshit that Jason did not get acknowledged for all his hard work and dedication (don’t get a big head, Jason.) I’m sure the 1st and grand prize winners deserve their awards but the whole scholarship was based on unweighted GPA. I wish there was an essay or something to distinguish applicants besides their GPAs.

So I went home, exhausted from last night, and passed the fuck out. I hope this blog did not have an ungrateful tone to it because I really am grateful for all that I have and all that I’ve been given.

PS: As I was heading home, I looked out my window and saw this.
H-O-L-Y crap. $3.49 for regular? Why don’t you just come up to me and amputate my arm already? Posted by Picasa

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