Unboxing the Schiit Magni

schiit magni amp

Look what just arrived at the office! The Schiit Magni will be part of my work audio setup as it’s the perfect size and powerful enough to drive just about any dynamic headphone. It will work perfectly with my AKG K550. I had been using my Grado RA-1 for the past year at work but that amp ate 9V batteries like they were nothing.

I’ll be testing the amp with my Fiio E10 as a DAC. I’ll eventually replace it with the Schiit Modi to have a matching DAC and amp combo. It’s too early to give sound impressions but here are some pics of the amp.

schiit magni box

schiit magni front

schiit magni back

A full review of the Schiit Magni to come in the next few weeks!


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