Holy shit. Today was freakin’ awesome. I saw Crown City Rockers (Bay pride!) and ROONEY! Those bitches showed up this time. I bought the CCR CD and it’s chill as fuck. I love it. Rooney is FINALLY releasing their new album in June. They said October, last time I checked. Maybe Robert should stop getting baked. JK. But seriously. He was on crack in between songs talkin’ about shit like planting trees. Maybe he should stop smoking them. Anyway. Here are some pictures and a few videos for your pleasure.

But first I’m going to bore ya’ll with shots from the car show/competition.

Sick ass E-Type Jag!

Sexy ass Mark V. Gangster black.

First production car in the world. The Model T Ford.

Mach 1 Mustang! This one got my vote.

Bug-eyed Sprite! How cute(z).

Now for what you’ve all been waiting for. Pictures of CCR and Rooney!

Crazy ass break dancers went up and rocked the stage. Raashan even broke it down for the crowd!

Freestyle battle!

Carmine = Jesus?

By the way, the guys from Rooney are really nice. They came out to meet the fans and put up with their bull. If I were a celebrity, I would just hide.

And now some videos!

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