What are you doing, Google?

Apparently Cyanogen, the creator of the renown Cyanogen Mod ROM, has been slapped with a cease and desist. This pisses me off.

A lot.

The whole reason I went with Android as an OS was because it was infinitely open and customizable. Slapping Cyanogen with a cease and desist goes against my belief about open source software and an open environment. Openness spurs innovation and that’s exactly what Cyanogen has done. He not only innovated the Android kernel but also optimized it. Cyanogen can push out several updates a night while it takes Google months and months before an update can be anywhere in sight.

As Gizmodo points out, Google’s cease and desist doesn’t make any sense because Cyanogen is developing his ROM for the HTC Dream and the HTC Magic, both phones of which the “closed sourced” applications run natively.

I love Android and would hate to have to leave it for something so trivial. Google may be able to stop Cyanogen but another developer will take his place. And when he or she gets stopped, another will take his or her place. It’s a futile struggle.

Stop wasting your time, Google. Work on developing your own product yourself.

[credit: Gizmodo]

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