What Is Comcast Doing?

I refuse to call them XFINITY because I think their attempts to change their brand are futile. No change of name will change the horrible experience I’ve had with different customer service representatives. Below is a transcript of the dialog I had with a customer service rep of Comcast. Decide for yourself if I’m over reacting.

Jessica: Hi, I’m a live Comcast product specialist. Would you like my help checking out?
Jessica: Just type your question below.

You: hello
You: i have a question
You: my mom has XFINITY Internet for 31.95 a month

Jessica: Hi! I’ll be happy to answer your questions.
Jessica: While I go look up that answer for you, let’s go ahead and make this chat a window of its own. That way, you’ll still
see the web page while we chat. Please click ‘Move Chat Window’ to move it now.
You: but i noticed that for no much more you can get the performance package
Jessica: Thank you for moving the chat box.
Jessica: As you mentioned that your mother has the internet service for $31.95/month, correct?

You: yes
You: is this the “economy internet service?

Jessica: I understand, are thinking of getting an upgrade, because I believe you are qualified for it.
You: yeah we’re thinking of upgrading
You: are there any deals we are eligible?
You: i noticed that there are several deals for $19 for the first 6 months

Jessica: I’ll be happy to check on that for you.
Jessica: Before I can be sure of what packages you’ll be able to get, may I know if you have another service aside from

You: We have TV and internet with you guys
You: no home phone though
You: don’t need it

Jessica: I understand.
Jessica: Did you happen to bundle those 2 products or did you get them separately?

You: i’m not sure. i’m looking at the bill. how can i tell?
Jessica: About your cable, may I also know what the name of it is?
You: It’s the Limited Basic plan
Jessica: Okay! Thanks a lot for the information! Give me a minute to check your qualification for the offer.
You: OK thank you
Jessica: No problem.
Jessica: About your concern on getting the Performance-Special Offer, I regret to inform you that this plan is only open to
first time internet customers, who has either basic cable or basic phone services.
Jessica: However you may be able to upgrade the internet into the Performance package but without the promotion.
Jessica: Would that work for you?

You: I would have to consult with my mom first
You: for the performance package it would be $45 instead of 26.95?
You: may I ask why there’s a $5 “CHSI Internet MDM Lse” charge?

Jessica: The regular pricing is around $44.95 per month, correct.
Jessica: About the those channels where do you see them being charged?
Jessica: My mistake, you’re not talking about channels.

You: yeah it’s under the internet service
Jessica: Thank you for the information.
You: May I ask why Comcast is charging over $30 a month for 1.5MBPS down when i can get 6MBPS down from ATT for

Jessica: Good question.
Jessica: Comcast can offer you a 30 day money back guarantee on all of our services. If you request to discontinue service
within 30 days of installation, you will be refunded the cost of the service and installation, including any deposits.
Jessica: Also, unlike some of our competitors, there are no long term contracts you have to sign up for to get service. You
may cancel service at any time and without a charge.

You: ATT’s site says there’s no contract though
You: it seems a little ridiculous to be charging over $30 a month for the same speed i get on my cell phone

Jessica: I know what you mean.
You: ok so convince me why we shouldn’t move to ATT instead
Jessica: The best thing about Comcast Cable is the access you will have to our ‘On Demand’ programming. You will have
over 10,000 choices to select from each month, 90% of which are free!

You: it seems like faster internet for a lot less
Jessica: At the same time, you will be able to pause, rewind and fast forward selections with your ‘On Demand’

You: we’re talking about internet service, not cable
Jessica: I can see where you’re going with the conversation, you are correct that they offer much faster speed for a lesser

Jessica: I know they also offer free antivirus for 6mbps packages.
Jessica: The only thing that I see that sets us apart is that when you will or when you sign up for them, their agreement page
has a link wherein you will click to agree, of course, but on that link, there is a contract that will bound you for a year on the
service, if somehow you decide to cancel that service, then they have a termination fee for that. I’m not sure how much

You: That contract is fine. We usually don’t bounce between ISPs that often
Jessica: If I’m not mistaken they have the McAfee antivirus.
Jessica: Alright. No problem.

You: I’m on a Mac. I don’t run antivirus
Jessica: So I would assume that you might be using that router provided by Comcast?
You: No, i use all my own gear
Jessica: Oh, I understand. You trust your own brands.
Jessica: I know you want to get the best value fir your money, unfortunately, as much as I’d love to grant you a promotion,
what’s on site are the only ones available for the time being.

You: That’s fine
You: we’ll be switching soon then
You: have a nice day

Jessica: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
You: No ma’am
Jessica: Thank you for visiting Comcast today. I hope you’ll come visit us again soon.
Jessica: Have a great day.

I also forgot to mention that Comcast had been charging us for the past several months for renting their modem. I’m sorry, we bought this modem about 5 years ago at BestBuy. When my mom approached them about it, they got defensive and only offered to refund the current month’s charge, not all the other ones that we were wrongly charged for.

How can a company think that they can get away with this? I have no idea but I’m sure as hell not staying their customer for much longer.

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  1. Hi Lewis – I apologize for the experience and for not accommodating your request when you reached out to us. I work for Comcast and I will be happy to reach out to my local colleagues to see if we have a better promo for you. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

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