Why the JWFC Exists

Today I recieved a package from the one, the only, Jason Wong. It was a very, very nice poster of my favorite city in the whole world, San Francisco. It captures both the Bay and Golden Gate bridges, downtown, and Telegraph Hill. I love it because it provides me with a reminder that there’s a place waiting for me to return. It goes great with the collage that Kitty and Ally made me so I can just glance upward when I’m feeling homesick.

My dorm is getting pimper each day.

UPDATE: I had a little spare time today and decided to clean up the look of my side of the room. I was ghetto and used tacks to hand up the “Techno King” sign and the collage that Allyson and Kitty made me. Now I have a lot of real estate on the top shelf of my desk. BTW, I killed my Lewisia. I am a horrible person. There’s not enough light in my dorm, I swear.

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