World On Fire

As you all know, the whole of Southern California has been on fire for the last five days or so and I get a chance to experience it first hand. I am lucky though, as UCI has not been affected by the fire all that much. Kids still go to class but things have certainly changed. I wake up to a Martian sun, with its eerie red glow. At the height of it, you couldn’t see 20 feet ahead of you because the air was full of soot and ash. I had to walk through that and breathe it in. I’m feel fine so far but I might get some horrible lung cancer when I get older *knock on wood*. My condolences to the families that have lost everything to the fire. I cannot imagine what I would do if my home burned to the ground. I’m glad to find out that in spite of the severity of the fire, only two people have lost their lives. It could have been a lot worse. Also, thank you to the brave firefighters and stay safe.

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