Yahoo! DRM: Doing The Right Thing

Yahoo announced on Friday that it would be shutting down it’s DRM servers so that customers that bought PlaysForSure (the most ironic name, ever) DRMed music would be out of luck. After the servers get taken offline, the songs will attempt to ping the servers for permission to play but since the servers are not online any more, permissions can not be given, rendering the songs useless. To rectify the situation, Yahoo has announced that they will compenstate customers for their lost songs. Details about the compenstation are still unknown but it is conforting to know that Yahoo is doing the right thing and not leaving customers out in the cold (like Urge did with me but that’s a bit different).

This is the problem with DRM. It works well for a while but fails on a scale of epic proportions. The problem that the RIAA is not realizing is that piracy does not take away that much revenue from the artist. A lot of people will pirate things just for the sake of pirating. Just because people torrent an album doesn’t mean that they would have spent their money on it if there were no torrent of it. Take The Dark Knight for example. It made $155.34 million opening weekend. Obviously people did not pirate the movie instead of going out to the theaters to see it. If you make a good movie (and promote it correctly,) people will go see it. If you sign an artist that records a great album, people will go out to buy it. The lesson that the RIAA and the MPAA needs to learn is to stop putting out shit albums and movies.

Please and thank you.

via [Wired]

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