YouTube Privacy = Nonexistent

A judge has ruled to allow Viacom to access YouTube’s information about what user names and their IP addresses has view and uploaded what videos. This is a very scary thought. They will now have access to millions of people’s private information because a few people uploaded illegal clips of their shows.

This is another striking example of how old media is afraid and incapable of adapting to internet distribution. If they still had it their way, we would still work our schedules around watching shows on an actual TV set and watch all of the commercials and buy every product we see on the screen. It is just ludicrous and shows the ludditism of Viacom.

A lot of their shows are already online and are only replicated on YouTube. Explain to me, then, how a few clips on YouTube justify your one billion dollar law suit against the company. Please, enlighten me.

CNET News [via Gizmodo]

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